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HyStat is a software package for statistical analysis of time series data in the field of hydrological water resources management. HyStat offers following features:

Methods:  HyStat enables the simulation of common rules and guidelines which are used for water management. For example, the DVWK-rules can be simulated for flood and low flow analysis to compute design flows (HQ100, NM7Q, etc.). Beyond, a variety of further statistical methods can be applied.

Macros and batches:  HyStat offers the possibility to create and run macros. This enables batched computation of commands like for example the elimination of possible trends prior to flood analysis. DVWK-rules are implemented as predefined ready-to-use macros.

Visualization and interfaces: The graphics and diagrams can be modified interactively and exported as Excel graphics.
Data series created by HyStat can be passed directly to the statistical software package R.

Data management: HyStat integrates independent data management to handle data series and results. External data can be imported in a wide variety of formats.

Applications: possible applications include storage and visualization of hydrological time series data, the detection of trends and inhomogeneities, the computation of design flows for flood and low flow events as well as numerous possibilities to archive relevant data for water management.

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